Hormann 2 Button Garage Door Handset

Model: Hormann Bisecur HSE2-BS Micro Hand Transmitter (Black)

Frequency: 868.3MHz

Buttons: This 2 x button handset can be programmed to support up to 2 x doors, lights & electric gates.

Battery: Lithium round cell 3 V / type CR 2032

Extra: The Hormann HSE2-BS Remote Control transmitter works with: Ecomatic, Promatic, Supramatic, RollMatic & Rotamatic garage door operators. It is also fully compatible with Hormann STA & DTA electric gate operator's.

Includes: Small Keyring

This unit is NOT compatible with other manufacturers products, even if they operate on the same frequency.


Instructions will be included, technical advice on request.


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